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2011 Crystal Drive, Arlington VA 22202

Just 1.2 miles from the Pentagon, and three blocks from the Crystal City Metro our Crystal City location offers a variety of office setups to fit the specific needs of government contractors. From large team spaces to small private offices and conference rooms, we provide you the privacy you need to work with every level of the government. We know that stressful work also requires relaxation, and Crystal City offers the best options when it comes to dining and entertainment. Grab a bite to eat with your clients at Jaleo, or enjoy happy hour with your coworkers at Highline… the options are endless.

Fit For a Team or the Solo Hustler

Have a large team? Our offices are perfect for four to five people and our suites accommodate even more. To make it even easier, both come fully furnished! Tackling this one on your own? We all start somewhere, our affordable private desk is the choice for you. Want to decorate or use your own furniture? You get the freedom to make your office your home. Paint the walls, mount a TV, whatever you need to do to make a statement to your next client, it’s cool with us. Above all, we know privacy is important for you, our offices come with frosted glass doors and individual locks keep your business, your business.

Flexibility is Our Middle Name

We get it: the contracting landscape can be a roller coaster. One minute you’re perfectly content with your three-person business, the next you win a huge contract and need to staff up ASAP. At Eastern Foundry, we work with you as you grow and offer flexible lease terms to meet those needs. Your business will fit anywhere from our hot desk, all the way up to our private suites.

Sit Back and Unwind

Need a change of scenery? Come spend some time with the Eastern Foundry staff or collaborate with other members in our lounge. Grab a cup of specialty coffee from our “coffee robot”, a cold brew from our coffee keg, or a seltzer from our awesome Bevi machine. Whether your heads down in that latest report or joking with your friends, you’ll find the perfect spot to hang at our Crystal City campus.

Conference Rooms

Spend the day whiteboarding your ideas, or host that weekly call, we make it easy. Choose from one of our four conference room options which are outfitted with everything necessary to “wow” your customers including TV’s, projectors, conference phones, and plenty of space for the whole team. Our conference rooms are also open to non-members for offsite meetings.