State Registration

State Registration Proccess

Welcome back! Now that you have your federal registrations (EIN) you need to register with your state.

We can’t go over all 50 states’ procedures but since so many government contractors are located in Virginia we will use them for this lesson. If you’re registering in another state, the processes are remarkably similar and you can find a link to the website for your state HERE .

Step 1: Go to Business One Stop , and click on ‘New User’ to create an account.

Step 2: Activate your account using the email that was sent to you, and log in through the same page you used to set up an account. Then, select “Creating a New Business” and enter your business’ name (the system will make sure the name hasn’t already been taken), your EIN, address, pay the required registration fee and you will get an official certificate from the State!

The docs: You may have noticed that you didn’t have to upload any documents, articles of incorporation, operating agreements, nothing. But just because you don’t have to submit them doesn’t mean they are unimportant and most states will explicitly say that you have to have them on file. Plus, if there is ever a disagreement between you and your partners these will determine who is right.

LOCAL REGISTRATIONS: Now that you are registered with your state I recommend searching for county and city registration requirements. Just google search for them, or search for county and city business support resources and they will steer you in the right direction.