Trademarking Your Name And Logo

Now that we have a name and logo it’s a good idea for us to protect them, which means getting a trademark on each, which is really easy and cheap.

What does a trademark do:

A trademark protects your name and logo from misuse by others (e.g. someone representing themselves as you, or creating a name and logo that is so similar to yours that it is likely to cause confusion in the mind of customers)

Do I need one: 

So long as you are a small business that is operating in a clear part of the government market it is highly unlikely someone is going to misuse it, but if you plan to grow you will want one, and again it is cheap and easy to do

Getting A Trademark

What you will need:

1) An example of you using your name/logo (e.g. a photo of your website or card with the name and logo visible)

2) A description of the mark IF you are trademarking not just the name but also the design elements of the name. When we trademarked Eastern Foundry we specified the font, color, and the verticle lines between the words

Go to the US Patent and Trademark Office HERE

Are you trademarking the name only, or the name and the style of writing it:

-Go to The Mark application section:Select this option if you are going to trademark the style elements too. You will need to fill out the Special form too

-Go to Standard Character:  If you are just trademarking the name but not the style of how you write it

Additional information:  Only check this if you need to enter special information about the mark (e.g. there is special relevance to a given part of it, or it is trademarked overseas in a different language, etc)

Basis for filing:  You need to specify the industry you are connected to. They have a good search platform to do this, and you need to provide your proof for using the trademark (this is where you upload screenshots of trademark)

But that’s it, pretty easy!